Talk comments

Carl Vuorinen at 13:48 on 24 May 2015

Very good talk, packed with useful info. Too often been just falling back to quick console.log instead of using the debugger so it was good to be reminded how useful it is. Also spy-js and vorlon.js look promising so will have to try them out.

I know the talk was already quite packed with info so don't really know if you'd be able to cram in any more stuff, but just thought it would be useful to also mention something about how the debugger statement can be used to debug unit test (for example with jasmine running on karma).

I work with Ryan, so I showed up to show support – turns out a learned a number of things about debugging that I had never used and I can't wait to start using right away. I'd highly recommend this talk as it takes you from moving past "alert" debugging completely through to advanced browser, and even node.js debugging. As always, Ryan does his research and his talks are packed with information.