Hypermedia ALL THE THINGS! A company’s move from POX to HATEOAS


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It is clear that Luke is speaking from experience and not just regurgitating what other people have said. I found the presentation well-organized and the information valuable.

Great talk giving a good impression about the state of REST and all the things which are really important. Especially worth for the tools I didn't know before.

Would love some more code/getting hands dirty than just a little client example.
Thanks a lot!

Great talk! I learned some new ways to think about REST and looking forward to doing some experimentation with hypermedia.

I enjoyed the talk. Luke spoke clearly and carried his topic well. The real world tips and resources were useful.

Great talk and information! I received some good direction on a project I will be starting soon.

I had never heard Luke Stokes speak before (but then that's the point of Nomad I think, getting US speakers to EU audience and vice-versa).
It seems to me that the video-conference format makes the setting a lot more difficult for the speaker without a direct feedback loop with the audience. I felt he talked a little fast during the presentation, but I feel he would have delivered it a lot better in person. He obviously knows the subject matter well.

As for the content - I really enjoyed it and there was a *a lot* of food for the mind. The slides didn't really match up though, a few more examples and a little less summary of what was being said maybe...