Laravel 4: Queue Deep Dive


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Great talk. Taylor did a good job with live coding. Lots of interesting stuff with queues in Laravel.

Very good talk to see the various ways to use Queues in Laravel.

Interesting to see some new uses.

Enjoyed the talk and looking forward to adding ques to my applications!

Anonymous at 20:58 on 20 Mar 2014

Great talk by Taylor worth staying up till 2am for. Made me think about utilising queues in my applications more.

Anonymous at 20:59 on 20 Mar 2014

Awesome introduction to queues!

Great intro to queues w Laravel, worth staying up for. Thanks!

Great one Taylor, the new feature, queue fail/fixed, is really neat. Thanks!

Nice little primer on Laravel as well as covering queue usage, will definately be reviewing the video as it is something that has yet to sink into my brain!

Thanks for showing how simple a Queuing system can be. The method of teaching was effective and entertaining.

This was fantastic. Taylor should have his own show.

For me Queues where introduced when I found Laravel, since then I'm using them everywhere. Found new ways of using them. This talk was awesome, thanks!

Great introduction to queues. The live part was extremely neat. Have all sort of crazy ideas now for what I learned! Thanks!

Awesome talk. Taylor moved at a good clip, didn't get bogged down by anything. It was apparent that he had prepared for the talk well, so he kept a good pace and still was paying attention to questions/comments in irc. He even had the group doing a little live interaction with his live coding. We'll definitely be using queues in all php projects, Laravel or not, going forward.

Great talk! Good examples! Enjoyed every minute of it.

Hey Taylor,

Nice to hear your voice. Somethings I love are

1 . The screen via your window is shown itself take 20 %. And when your desktop is shown and you place the editor in around 80 % of your window. So do fit to full screen. You should ask @Cal to show how the video is showing. That may help you to improve on next screen sharing.

2 . Your terminal is small and the font is also too small for me to understand the commands apart from hearing your voice.

3 . A code in github of the presentation would have been nice.

Wish list : Loved if you could have shown independently without the power of full framework. This may help people to understand to use with out a command like artisian or how they can make and execute the commands.

One question I got in mind is, if I have many jobs ( BasicJobs, PdfDocJobs etc ), is there a way to pass and execute only certain Job ( BasicJob ) via artisian.

And thank you for the awesome presentation. I know Queues are a bit hard when you want to make it available under many drivers. I did played a bit with, gearman etc. And the way you presented was the Queues are so simple.