Talk comments

Great talk :) . You did a good job. And thank you for introducing Aura.Di.

Earlier I have looked at your slides from some conference on the same topic. I did have thought, whether I could get an opportunity to hear the same. Thank you @NomadPHP for giving me opportunity for the same.

Thanks once again.

Well-done error handling is the sign of a mature and polished application. Ian did a great job explaining the basics of how PHP error handling can work for you and also pointed to some existing solutions for inspiration or use. I think he effectively conveyed the importance of handling errors while also giving some good tips for things to watch out for in your codebase. Keep it up, Ian!

Well-done. Learned a bit about various DI modes that I hadn't come across before, either in other literature or other such talks.

Might be useful to mention how to wrap dependencies to lazy-load them when injected, via the factory pattern or such, for instances where for whatever reason constructing a service is a heavy operation. More advanced stuff, but useful when you're refactoring an app that doesn't have this sort of architecture.

Good talk, I enjoyed it. I have been working towards this sort of thing in my code. We used DI in .Net for awhile, but I'm in the process of modernizing a massive legacy project and haven't been able to apply it to PHP yet.

Thank you for pointing out the service locator problem. I have a static service locator class that I hadn't recognized.

I thought your talking style was fairly good, but the pauses were a bit too lengthy. Also, I can't put my finger on it but the tone was off. Maybe sounded a little too detached or bored at times? I'm not sure.

I kind of liked the jumping between different specific uses. But I think if your generic examples (Alpha, Beta, etc) were more specific it may have helped. Maybe not. A concrete example may have distracted from the concept.

All in all, I enjoyed it. It was a good intro to DI. And I think you did a good job of emphasizing that DI doesn't need containers.

It was 6 AM and I was thinking, does it really worth to watch that? It really is. Jeff has the command over the topic. He started well, demonstrated well and ended this talk brilliantly. It was more nice if he cover little bit mocking stuff.

Jeff, thanks that was a great and easy to follow overview. Helped to clear up a misunderstanding I had so---BONUS

Hey Ian, great job with your talk and your slides! Thanks