Nomad PHP is an group of developers who gather once a month to continue learning. We host meetings featuring top speakers from around the world. Each month we bring you new opportunities to learn and grow as a PHP developer.

Thursday 15th December 2016

Share Decoupled Domain Logic Across Applications
Talk by Joe Ferguson (10 minutes)

What happens when you have two (or more) applications that need the same core domain logic? Do you just copy and paste the code into each application? NO! Don’t pollute your code bases with copy and paste when you can easily add the core domain logic to a package and use composer to handle this for you! Join us for a short demo example of how to share code between applications including proper version control techniques!

Robust Second-factor Authentication with PHP
Talk by Tim Lytle (1 hour)

Single-use codes delivered by email and SMS, mobile phone verification using automated phone calls and installed applications, or standalone physical devices – there’s more than one way to do 2nd-factor authentication (2FA). There are benefits – and downsides – to each. Learn how each one works and what is best for you and your users. Avoid some common mistakes when rolling out 2FA, and take a look at how you can add one, or many, to your application’s login flow.