Talk comments

Nice and awesome talk :) . I like how slowly and consistently you are explaining things, that helps to understand it clearly for newbies like me.

Really good presentation with focus on giving an overview rather than focusing on specifics -- just what I expected (and was hoping for). Still a whole lot of material was covered.

+ spent the time needed on the type system - as mentioned in the talk, this is the major feature of Hack,
+ several opportunities for questions during the talk,
+ the "demos",

Great presentation with a really good explanation of the types differences and how to use them. Covered a lot of material but it didn't feel rushed.

Anonymous at 21:09 on 23 Apr 2015

Nice presentation.
- very good idea splitting in intervals for questions.

What I would like to have seen:
- some example of interop with PHP (for example with PHPUnit).