Talk comments

Anonymous at 22:41 on 29 Sep 2015

I have been struggling to get my head around the concept and use cases for DI containers and this was a perfect overview at just the right pace and level for me. Thank you Gary!

As I am not using Zend ServiceManager myself the topic by itself was not that relevant for me. But it certainly was a good introdruction on how to use the ServiceManager component and also offered information on some general issues with dependency injection.

Anonymous at 20:18 on 25 Sep 2015

I thought the talk was ok - you definitely come across as knowledgable. Could have been better organized, and felt the mistakes on the slide were distracting. Some of it felt like you really didn't look the slides over all that much before presenting.

Very useful.

I am guilty of injecting the Service Manager into most of my classes, because I want to know that I can get anything I want anytime I want. However, I have also experienced the downside to that.

Much appreciative of the info!

I really enjoyed the talk and found it quite informative. The only thing that could have been improved, in my humble opinion, is to mention the "Shared services" and "lazy loading" right after the "Invokable" part. I think it is really important that people new to this concept understand that services are shared as soon as possible. It certainly would have made my life easier when I started out with SM.
Other than that great talk!

Great talk. I was aware of all of these concepts (and use them) via ZF2 config but hadn't seen the usage of directly configuring the ServiceManager through running its methods. It's always enjoyable to hear Gary speak about any ZF2 topic.