Talk comments

Good coverage of classifications, as they seem to be different ways of using the Mock behaviors as opposed to being different objects themselves.

In the mock framework comparison, I'd suggest using Mockery and Phake snippets that exactly mimic the same code from the PHPUnit example (MyClass->getBool etc), like you did with the XPMock example.

Hi Matt Frost,

This is my personal opinion hearing the talk. Writing this to make things better. I can understand some of the reasons can be this is virtual conference. You cannot see people's face other than when they respond.

I felt there was a missing energy. If you could increase that, the talk would have been much better.
Thank you

Really liked the talk. Learned a lot and thought the slides were well done.

Very nice paced talk, and very well presented. Now need to put it into practice tomorrow at work...

Great talk and nice approaches presented. It definitely inspired me to get to know PHPUnit more in depth in my PHP development.

+ Good talk
+ I like the slides
+ Code blocks are clear, well presented visually

- Use some real example and not virtual ones?
- Try to maintain the tune of your voice, at times, it does seem you were getting tired or something.

On the whole, good job, very well done! Thank you for your share!