Nomad PHP is an group of developers who gather once a month to continue learning. We host meetings featuring top speakers from around the world. Each month we bring you new opportunities to learn and grow as a PHP developer.

Thursday 19th January 2017

What the GELF? Graylog for Developers
Talk by Ashley Hindle (10 minutes)

Everybody~ has application, server, and PHP logs; but how many people look at them? Graylog is a brilliant open source log management system, that is our missing link in making use of our logs. Let’s take a brief dive into Graylog2 and learn: - What Graylog is - Why I think Graylog is better than ELK - How to setup a Graylog instance - Vagrant - RPM/Deb - Fodor - How to get our logs into Graylog - Logging directly with Monolog – how, advantages and disadvantages - Using an application on the server to forward our standard .log text files - How to view, search and visualise our logs - Making our existing logs more useful

Build Your Framework Like Constructicons
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap (1 hour)

While we have a strong offering of full-stack frameworks and microframeworks, the rise of components and libraries combined with Composer allows us to easily build our own framework without reinventing the wheel. In this talk, you’ll learn how the total can be more than the sum of the parts, just like how Devastator was stronger than the individual Constructicons in Transformers.