Creating Realtime Applications with PHP and Websockets


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Very cool topic! I must watch again and read your source to learn more!

Great talk. Corey covered the material very well, did a great job answering questions, and introduction to technology for those not familiar with it. Slides used too much light grey text on white background making it hard to see, but code samples and orange headers were great. (very nice slides otherwise) The live examples and code walk-through was a very nice touch.

Great talk. The only problem is that some slides where hard to read because of the light grey text.

Really great talk and great demos that really showed the power of websockets. The mouse demo was really cool. Learned a lot and has me interested in learning more about websockets for my applications.

I missed the beginning but I'm looking forward to going back and watching the whole thing. What I saw was excellent. Thanks a bunch!

Good presentation and very informative.

Great presentation, Corey.

I've learned _just_ enough to really want to dig much deeper. And thanks for sharing the code on GitHub :)

It was a great presentation. It was very informative and I can't wait to dive deeper into web sockets.