Talk comments

I was trying to point out re-factoring code link, but ended up writing design patterns.

Here is the link

Sorry to make you confused.

Wow awesome talk. Great advice.

Thank you @NomadPHP for having him. Thanks Cal.

One thing I wished is if you could have the link to your github repo which you mentioned about design patterns would have been great!


Great talk which covers a lot of good concepts on how to keep code clean. I took away a number of ideas for small changes I can start to make in order to improve.

Personally I'd have liked to have seen a few more code samples to reinforce the concepts being discussed and the verbally given examples.

All in all -- great talk. Provided a more comprehensive review in the actual comments section. Regardless, thanks Adam!

Good set of diverse topics to pull together into this one context.

Might consider listing "Gang of Four" as authors of "Design Patterns" rather than "Grady Booch", as I think his involvement was only writing the "Foreward" to the book :-)

Thanks for the talk. Applying the tips presented certainly our code is going to be a lot cleaner and our applications a lot more stable!

Great presentation with lots of valuable information from an experienced developer.

Fantastic overview on Clean Application Development practices - can't wait to see the 3hr workshop version!

Excellent, sage advise from an experienced professional. Recommend for anyone wanting to raise their game in PHP.

Thanks for a clear, concise talk on Clean Code. Awesome job, Adam!