PHP 5.6 and Beyond: Because Incrementing Major Versions is for Suckers


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A great discussion of PHP 5.6 features as well as the future plans for PHP. Very informative and well-organized. Great job!

Great talk on the what is happening with PHP in the next few months. Time to get ready for 5.6 & beyond.

Nice coverage of new and coming features. Very well done, great speaker.

Anonymous at 13:54 on 13 Aug 2014

Awesome collection of the information! Thank you for keeping such a close eye on the what's coming up in 5.6 & beyond!

Thanks for helping me understand all the changes. It's hard to get through all the noise about this topic floating around the web.

A great informative talk. Looking forward to using those new features :)

A very thorough recap on the new stuff in PHP5.6 including a great intro to phpdbg. And a really knowledegable outlook to what will (or might) come with PHP7. I was missing a short note about PHP 5.7 though

Very informative talk, not just in the specifics of PHP 5.6 but also with regard to how other languages have approached major backwards compatibility breaks. I really appreciated the insight and spent a good amount of time researching afterwards. Thanks for the insights.