Talk comments

It was a good talk. I like that John shared his repositories early on. There was lots of great info.

John needs to work on the "ahh"s and "uh"s. Speaking was otherwise good.

Technology was a problem, switching between different things. It would have been nice to have had the vagrant box already prepped. Or just played back a sped up video :)

Finally, I would have appreciated a larger font on the editor. Thankfully, I finally realized the GotoMeeting app allowed zooming. I can't watch on my big display (no Linux client) so I had to use my 7" tablet.

Other than those glitches, it was a good talk.

For those of you who asked about the Virtual Box Guest Additions plugin for Vagrant, you can find it here!

Fantastic lightning talk on upgrading from Laravel 4 to 5. A smooth delivery at a fast-pace for lots of helpful knowledge that has made me feel I can upgrade my existing apps without too much headache. And the whole "create a new branch & nuke it" is genius! :)

Hey Matt:

Great job, been following your post on and love the @5minutegeekshow! Was thrilled to see you were presenting and enjoyed it. Perfect overview on a topic I'm sure many are struggling with.

Hey Sammy:

Great job, loved your last talk and was excited when I saw you were presenting did not disappoint!

I'm not a big fan of FB, but now, think I'll try messing around with just to use the SDK.

Sammy is an incredible and engaging speaker. Intelligent, funny, well-spoken, and makes it just simple enough but not *too* simple. Really great stuff.