Talk comments


Good voice and good in what you are telling.

I have some suggestion with the title and what you have said.

1 ) The title is "Zero to API with Lumen", from the title I don't think the audience expect to hear what is the difference between Laravel / Lumen changes. There can be people in the audience who don't know both. So I think it is good to remove the comparison at-least in a small talk.

2 ) Add more Lumen related stuffs like how to add a route, how to install lumen via composer. ( lumen install is specifically for Lumen ) so you can also tell about it. But the first preference should be to composer.

Apart from that good talk.

Thank you.

Anonymous at 13:07 on 25 Nov 2015

Awesome job! Talk was clear and concise and code examples were helpful in helping visualize what he was talking about.

Spoke clearly, although mic cut out sometimes. Overall great talk!

Good one. Thank you to bring some love to Postgres and database.

Eric Hogue at 21:04 on 19 Nov 2015

Great talk, nice pace. Simple example well explained.

A little to many back an forth in the in the slides. It was a little hard to follow sometimes.