Better JOINs and Subqueries


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Anonymous at 14:12 on 11 Aug 2012

Seems a bit disorganized. Technology issues, and poor preparation.

Anonymous at 15:42 on 11 Aug 2012

Sheeri is hardcore. This wasn't an intermediate session.

Anonymous at 16:06 on 11 Aug 2012

She should have given her talk on a more advanced topic, it was clear that this was incredibly below what she was capable of.

Anonymous at 16:23 on 11 Aug 2012

Not a bad talk. Speaker talked a bit too fast sometimes given the content of the presentation. Too few examples that explained obvious problems.

Sheeri knows her stuff

This was a very informative talk which I learned a bit from about joining and sub-queries, thanks for sharing the knowledge :)

Anonymous at 09:59 on 12 Aug 2012

Typical great Sheeri presentation

Very knowledgeable speaker. Very relaxed despite software issues. The presentation was technical and very useful.

Anonymous at 10:33 on 12 Aug 2012

Enjoyed the talk. Dry subject made interesting

Sheeri is amazing. The only bad thing about this presentation was that it was only 45 minutes long.

Anonymous at 12:55 on 12 Aug 2012

good talk - a bit advanced but pretty awesome

Anonymous at 22:20 on 12 Aug 2012

I thought the talk was a little bit too loose on the examples that pretty much cover on the same concept, was hoping to hear more adv subjects. a little bit disorganized on the presentation part.

This was a good talk. It was somewhat disjointed because of the lunch mishap and moving back and forth between slides, but all-in-all, a great presentation.

This was a pretty good talk. Great balance between reaching out to beginners and having just enough to keep it interesting for intermediates (see some of the other comments). If you're an advanced MySQL user, it might have seemed like she was simply reading out the MySQL manual, but the truth is she structured and ordered the content far better than the MySQL docs do, and threw in a lot of insights that just aren't available in the docs.

I agree that she spoke too fast, and if you weren't familiar with the topic, this could be intimidating. Also, the speaker podium was on the far end of the room and this caused two problems. First, people nearer the other end really couldn't see Sheeri very well. Secondly, this meant that some conversations ensued between the speaker and people sitting in the far section of the room that other attendees could not follow.

On the whole, it was good, but I'd have also liked to see something about EXPLAIN PARTITIONS

This talk helped me think through how some of my mysql calls are made! I think that I can make more efficient calls based on the information presented here!!

Anonymous at 15:31 on 13 Aug 2012

Great talk about the use of EXPLAIN and certainly if anyone's read the mysql docs a lot better organized. She did talk a bit fast in some areas, but She's got a lot of knowledge to share. Certainly it was appreciated (heck I sighed up for the MySQL meetup group to get more!!)

Very well presented.