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I did not get the full benefit of this, I was not familiar with this platform and did not really appreciate what was going on - I realize that there was limited time, but some better way to introduce this would have been helpful to a newbie. I'll definitely look into this for some further detail, it seems like a very useful platform.

Not enough time for a proper tutorial leaving me with many questions as to what it provides and what i have to do. Slides were moving too fast, i think it would have been better to have gone through each step demonstrating what flow3 provides

Thanks for the feedback.

The talk was meant to be a walk-through to give a high-level overview of what FLOW3 has to offer. It would be worth having a FLOW3 tutorial at one of the Boston PHP meetups with enough time to get hands on the code at a much slower pace.

I would be happy to answer your questions by mail or in person. I am around on both conference days.

I like the tool, I will look into for more details. Thanks !

This was a great overview/demo showing how FLOW3 allows you to:
-Focus on business domain functionality rather than technical features
-Use special tags to add logic directly in your HTML templates
-Keep Model, View and Controller separate
-Use dependency injection to dynamically load only the classes/resources you need at runtime rather than wasting time loading libraries that you aren't even using (makes your pages load faster)
-Use aspect-oriented programming concepts to separate out functionality that spans the different modules of your business domain, such as error/debug logging, and keep them from getting tangled together, allowing for cleaner and more maintainable code
-Get help from a large, helpful, accessible community

Note: I've never seen FLOW3 before this talk, but if you're even somewhat familiar with OOP and MVC in PHP, this talk made a lot of sense. I would love to see this framework represented at the next BostonPHP Framework Bakeoff.

Thanks Jochen for showing us how powerful FLOW3 can be. I'll have to make some time to try it out and see if it works for me.

It would be great if we could do a more detailed talk on this at BostonPHP. Contact me at [email protected] if you're interested.

Good introduction to a framework that, from what Jochen said, has far more exposure in the European market. It looks like a very good tool, and Jochen fit a lot into his time.