Ideation: The Hidden Side of UX


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Great overview of user experience design and some details on various topics related to dealing with customer interaction.

very informative talk. the room was about 85 degrees so I barely made it through.

Anonymous at 11:15 on 12 Aug 2012

I went to this talk because everything else was packed to the rafters. (This one had 1 seat...which I grabbed.) It was luck I did. The speaker is excellent, and while not a lot of PHP, he provided the audience (me at least) with lots of good ideas.

Anonymous at 13:53 on 13 Aug 2012

Great talk. Room was very hot, but he wisely didn't mention it. Soon I was engrossed in the content and forgot all about the temperature. UX focused on coding choices we make. Every developer should think this way. We can all improve UX by thinking like our customers do. Empathy is key.

I enjoyed Joe's talk very much and was able to add to my arsenal of UX knowledge. He was very informative anad communicated his points very concisely.