Introducing PHP 5.4


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Really informative and super knowledgeable speaker. Only thing is that I would love to be able to download the presentation slides.

Anonymous at 12:03 on 11 Aug 2012

the speaker is very knowledgeable about 5.4, the talk was well prepared.

very insightful and informative

Great overview, lots of good reasons to upgrade from 5.4

Excellent, he stated at the very end he would be posting slides on his blog at

Will be awesome to use it as a reference for some of the mentioned features!

Anonymous at 13:30 on 11 Aug 2012

Super interesting! It was great to get a glimpse of the PHP development from a team member.

too advanced for a PHP novice, but good exposure to these topics.

Anonymous at 14:14 on 11 Aug 2012

Awesome talk! The speaker was very onto of the topic and took all questions in stride. Great talk, great speaker.

Anonymous at 14:27 on 11 Aug 2012

Anonymous at 14:54 on 11 Aug 2012

I need to get my hands on PHP 5.4! Excellent talk!

Nice exposure to the new functionality. Quick concise and to the point. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous at 22:17 on 11 Aug 2012

Great talk, very informative. Thank you!

This was a very informative talk explaining all of the new features of PHP 5.4, Ilia also went into discussing features which were removed from PHP 5.4 and went on to say that 5.4 is stable so use it. He did mention one thing that will keep me from starting to use it and that's the fact that it is not yet working perfect with APC. Very nice talk, I enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous at 10:29 on 12 Aug 2012

Very informative with useful examples

Anonymous at 12:21 on 12 Aug 2012

It was great, but a lot of it was way over my head, and too...quick. However this is because he only had a limited time so I would not hold that against him.

Ilia is a great speaker! It was amazing to hear someone who works so closely with the development of PHP describe the changes from a ground level. Very impressive and informative.

Anonymous at 12:45 on 13 Aug 2012

So many great new features! I particularly appreciated this topic. Being recently returned to PHP from any years hiatus the topic was an eye opener. Thanks for the great info.

-Brian Marple

Really well done presentation that was really helpful. Now we can look forward to php 5.4, not fear it!

Great talk: Ilia packed a wealth of information into his time. It was interesting to hear a little about how some of the decisions are made in creating a next version of PHP. It was very good to hear what's new, what I can expect in different environments, what to watch out for in deprecated features, and what I have to look forward to.

Good introduction and liked that the new version is evolutionary (downward compatible).

Anonymous at 15:01 on 28 Sep 2012


Very good doc informative.

I like very much and will like more when a stable release come.

Anonymous at 05:43 on 2 Oct 2012

good job

Anonymous at 08:47 on 6 Oct 2012

nice presentation and excellent explanation of 5.4's issues!