Understanding HTML5


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Anonymous at 10:24 on 12 Aug 2012

Nicely Done! Awesome link to the daft punk mashup!

Anonymous at 10:36 on 12 Aug 2012

please don't confuse people by professing that CSS3 is part of HTML5

HTML5 is an exciting topic, but he mostly talked about the features instead of showing demos about what HTML5 and CSS3 can do.

More show; less tell.

Anonymous at 10:55 on 12 Aug 2012

Jeremy did a great job with his presentation and is a good speaker. I found the topic to be to broad and while it met its objectives, it was not very useful/helpful. There was clearly too much to cover and as such none of it was covered in any useful length.

I thought the presentation was great. I would love to have had more detail for the presentation especially web workers and Web GL/Canvas. But overall great presentation for the basics.

Hmm, "Anonymous" user #1, perhaps you missed the first section of the talk in which I defined the HTML "Core" vs. the HTML "Family"? Or perhaps I didn't make it clear enough, in which case my bad.

CSS3 is obviously its own specification and is not part of the HTML5 "core" specification. However my point was that designers and developers need to understand that features of CSS3 are commonly lumped into the larger term "HTML5" out there in the marketplace. Same thing with JavaScript APIs such as Canvas. Hence the term HTML5 "family" is used by me to describe a number of related technologies including CSS3.

To make it clear, I wish it were otherwise and that companies used more precision when talking about the web, but they generally don't. If you visit this url at Apple's site: http://www.apple.com/html5 (notice the URL) you see they lump all these technologies into one category. Should Apple be more specific? Probably. My role is to help people sort through the marketing-speak. Hopefully this explanation makes my stance a little less confusing to you.

This was exactly the kind of high level overview I was looking for.
And Jeremy did a great job. I would definitely attend more talks by this presenter.

Good and very straightforward presentation of HTML5 and its capabilities. Jeremy's slides are not available yet, but as I recall, he did not say that "CSS3 is part of HTML5". He did say they worked together, and make it clear they are different things. Some very good, very practical information on what's here, what's coming, where to get more information on what works and what doesn't, and how different platforms are going to affect us. Very good.

This was a good high-level overview of HTML5 and related technologies. I definitely jotted down a few URLs that I will no doubt use a lot. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Excellent presentation. Gained good insight into the new features and plan to use them in a future project.