Workshop: Clean Application Development


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Genuinely inspirational! Seriously. Adam is the man.

Amazing talk that covers the breadth of development concerns. I have my research topics lined up and am anxious to check them out!

Great talk! Connected a few dots that I had never connected before in developing good code!

Anonymous at 13:29 on 16 Aug 2013

This is an amazing talk, Thank you Adam

Anonymous at 19:08 on 16 Aug 2013

This was a really good talk. Adam covered a huge range of topics that are very relevant for any web developer, regardless of your skill level or current work situation.
He provided a ton of food for thought and things to look into so that I can grow as a web developer.
I really feel like I got a lot out of this workshop, but I will say, if there was one issue, it's that he had too much material to cover and not enough time.
I think he did a great job with the time he had, but I almost wish this workshop was a full-day ordeal in which he could provide more concrete examples/code as well as chances for us (as the audience) to participate.
Still, this was a great workshop, and I would recommend it for any web developer that's serious about their craft.

I really liked the presentation, but I would have liked it better if he showed more code.

I learned much about good development practices in this workshop. This was a three hour talk and a short break in the middle might be a good idea. Despite the length of the presentation, every minute was packed with useful information. I appreciated hearing the clean development considerations throughout the entire work process, not just the coding stage.

Adam is a very good speaker and he introduced me to many concepts and helped me look at refactoring in a different manner.