PHP 5.NEW: The Best Bits


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Great explanation of some cool/complex topics.

Great talk, very good explanations to core php functionalities.

Really good dive into the modern features of PHP 5.3-5.6. Some great explanations and examples of how to use them. Also shared some opinions of some of the features, which is always nice to hear an educated viewpoint.

Anonymous at 11:13 on 8 Sep 2014

I especially liked the commentary on which new features were of limited use.

I liked the commentary explaining that even though certain features are available, WHY it would be a bad idea to use them in certain ways.

The slides with the colored arrows popping up, one after another really helped explain what was happening behind the scenes.

I liked the version numbers in the top right corner of each slide indicating which version introduced the new feature.

I liked the section on the new password functions, and how the migration to the next thing after bcrypt is expected to work.

This was a really solid talk, and went over all of the new PHP features that have come out in the past 3 versions clearly and concisely. Nice work Davey!

Anytime I can watch and listen to Davey Shafik talk I am mesmerized. This talk was a good run down of the features and progression of PHP versions starting with 5.3 to 5,6. Very solid.

I wish there were simple examples of how to use each new feature and the ease of use it provides. But this talk was kept to a high level and there would be no time to do so. I might suggest a talk on just the "good parts" for people really stuck on 5.2 and before.

The stories and slides were good. I like the evolutional way of introducing the changes. PHP is becoming an even better language over time and I can see the community is driving these changes.

I have a hard time hearing and Davey as he can talk fast sometimes. Sometimes you can hear his british accent, which is fun. He cares deeply about his craft and it shows.

This was a solid talk! Davey seems to master every aspects of his talk. However, he should have slow down a little bit since some of us are not fully english fluent. Thank you Davey!

I learned that I need use more of PHP 5.x features. I did feel that there was a little TOO much information to cover in the time period allotted.