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Eric Mann at 14:55 on 4 Aug 2016

Explaining what the broader community looks like is huge at every conference; it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture at times.

Excellent reminder of why PHP powers 80% of the web and why PHP and its community are so unique. And why just about everyone who makes the effort to attend a PHP conference has probably contributed in some way whether they realize it or not.

Also a timely offering of perspective about how PHP is a product of its community and to continue attracting new productive members we need to call out bad behavior and discourage it regardless of how "important" a person might be.

"The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to tolerate."
In this case the "leader" is all of us.

Steve Grunwell at 17:35 on 4 Aug 2016

Fantastic keynote on the history, current state, and future of the PHP project. Anthony's involvement in the community makes him highly qualified to give this kind of talk, and his stage presence helped captivate the audience and get the conference started off on the right foot.

enas hasan at 23:34 on 4 Aug 2016

Quite interesting

Chris Brown at 00:58 on 5 Aug 2016

I appreciated Anthony's honesty and candor. He effectively encouraged us to choose to be a part of the PHP community and not mere consumers.

Anthony delivered a skillful balance of material relevant to first-timers (of which there were many, according to a show of hands), and to seasoned conference attenders ... and likewise also a good balance of information suitable for those new to PHP and to veterans.

We were encouraged also to be sure to actively listen for the real reason behind why a person may have and be sharing passionate opinions on a subject. This has many pertinent applications, not only inside a conference but also in our day to day experience.
Our community will continue to evolve as we ourselves individually evolve. And PHP will grow as we choose to play an active part in its future.

A great presentation to kick off the conference on a positive note.

Theodore Stepanoff at 09:50 on 5 Aug 2016

Great talk. Really enjoyed the reminder that we are a community.