PHP 7: The Big 5


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I'd been excited about the performance gains of PHP7, but now I'm even more excited about the new features!

A very energetic talk on the new features being introduced in PHP7 - delivered at lightning speed, it nevertheless communicated Cal's enthusiam for what are some really exciting developments.

It's very apparent that Cal does this for a living and truly cares about the community. Loads of information, humor, and insightful back story. Plus, his offer to boot up a PHP7 instance after the talk to try out things he couldn't answer is awesome.

Amazing talk had to be my favorite panel of the entire weekend. Your energy and the topic really made this enjoyable.

Valuable information and good delivery. I did leave with a few questions, but Cal answered them afterward. I'd be comfortable recommending this talk to others that haven't seen it.

Fascinating look at not only the new features in PHP 7, but also the community process that created them.

Great overview of what PHP 7 means for developers. Favorite talk of the event. Cal is a natural presenter!

It was awesome to have a talk on how to prepare for PHP7 from such an engaging, talented speaker. Thanks Cal for yet another great talk! And thanks for teaching us how to properly pronounce CSPRNG ;)

I don't think it's possible for Cal to give a bad presentation.