Unit testing done right


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Enjoyable, interesting overview of testing approaches, with good tips for solving particular problems. I had initially expected it would go down the phpSpec/BDD route, but it seemed to cover general testing philosophies and approaches with specific application to PHP.

Anonymous at 12:41 on 22 Aug 2015

GREAT! Brian knowledge and provide useful tips/advice

Anonymous at 13:37 on 22 Aug 2015

A really good talk from Brian - he clearly has a good command of unit testing, and gave me a lot to think about with regard to my own approach.

Anonymous at 10:19 on 23 Aug 2015

High quality presentation. Clear, quick, packed with info, articulate, practical info.

Geri I Jennings at 14:35 on 23 Aug 2015

I've been to several talks on this subject, but how exactly to put this into practice didn't "click" until I went to Brian's talk. I've spent the conference since this talk working on my first unit test whenever possible. Many thanks to Brian; I'd recommend this talk.

Brian is a great speaker, and I'd go to any talk he gives from now on. I came away with this with a page full of notes on things I can do to make my work easier.

Great info. Was interesting to hear how even the process of setting up tests can provide insights into potential problems.

Nice overview of the types of test coverage and why they are important. Also, I agree with Geri's comment. most articles/talks I've seen on this subject don't do a great job of explaining how to start building unit tests into a legacy application with no/poor tests.