Talk comments

I wouldn't have expected more of a talk that was prepared with only two weeks notice. I personally also enjoyed the history part, although I agree that in the future it could be condensed or even removed in favor of digging a bit deeper into each of the major patterns that were mentioned. Thanks for this incredible effort Mike!

The pace could be a bit faster. Maybe useful to include an overview / index in the beginning to explain the structure of the talk? I would also show the pros & cons as listed items in a slide, some people are more visual.

I'm going to follow the previous comments, not sure if it was too slow of pace though or that it felt a bit monotone, sound wise (no offence here :) )

I would also suggest to keep the history shorter and go deeper into the pro's and con's. Maybe with some examples.
But keeping in mind this was created in 2 weeks: Great job!

Geert put at 07:39 on 24 Nov 2016

For me the pace was fine. But my knowledge of the topic is likely a little lower then the commenters before me :). Very interesting!

Too slow for me too, and indeed pros and cons of the ORMs slightly more explained.

Toon Verwerft at 20:18 on 23 Nov 2016

The pace of the talk was a bit too slow for me: try to focus on the pros and cons of the ORMs instead of the history of computer science, event sourcing, ...
Besides that, it was very informational with clear insights on the topic!