Deploying PHP applications


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Anonymous at 17:49 on 14 Nov 2014

Best practices are important and I liked how you presented the topic, but I expected to get more into detail and maybe real life examples and concrete tools to help you to deploy and have a continuous integration system. Anyway, good job and good luck with your book!

Anonymous at 19:11 on 14 Nov 2014

A bit theorethical but valid stuff! A capifony user..

I liked this talk to a certain degree. I think it's good to talk about deployment on a higher (meta) level like you did. But without going into any technical details, practical suggestions, etc. I don't feel "charged" for my next deployment assignment.

I liked that you didn't get into technical solutions but personally I didn't learn that much new stuff. Good flow in your presentation and enjoyed listen to it!

Nice and relaxed speech. Easy to listen to although I feel some practical details would provide additional value. Some minor factual errors about Ubuntu having a case insensitive file system.

Anonymous at 15:39 on 15 Nov 2014

A bit light on details, however gave me some nice tips and things to think about.

Presentation was clear and topic was good but I would go little more in details. It was maybe too theoretical and at least for me well known ideas about deploying.