Hack in 60 seconds


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Anonymous at 17:50 on 14 Nov 2014

Anonymous at 17:50 on 14 Nov 2014

You should be proud of your presentation. Even though the talk was an introduction and I already knew most of the stuff, you kept me entertained and concepts were very well explained. For those that haven't done anything yet with hhvm/hack I think it was really helpful.

Anonymous at 19:16 on 14 Nov 2014

Intense and kept me listening closely. Got me interested in hack

You know, that was very entertaining. Having heard some other presentations about Hack before, I think this one could have been a bit more packed with language goodies, but then again - the presentation being very simple is also a very big pro. So keep doing what you do well!

A good introduction to HHVM/Hack. Made me want to play with it!

I enjoyed the presentation and you got me inspired to play with it. Unfortunately the Doctrine issue is stopping me from doing it and that is not really something you can do about it :-)

Carl Vuorinen at 11:20 on 15 Nov 2014

Very nice presentation and had all the relevant facts about HHVM and Hack. You could make the slides a little bit more interesting if it wasn't just black and white. Especially the code samples would be easier to follow if there were some syntax highlighting.

Inspired me to look into Hack a bit more, been quite sceptical of it previously even though I've always liked the philosophy behind it :)

Good presentation with good insights in Hack. The slides could have used a little bit of work and It was a bit anticlimactic to not be able to use this in Symfony yet.

Presentation was awesome, it made me wanna use Hack. I got disappointed to hear about still low support of servers and IDEs.
I hope to hear more about this next year.