Honey, I blew up the application performance


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Really fun way to present the topic and it was nice to see blackfire in action as I had not tested it yet. As a suggestion, I would add more "sabotages" to create performance issues related to slow database queries (not only quantity), performance impact of Doctrine lifecycles, slow listeners, slow Twig extensions... basically to get more from the profiler timeline.

Anonymous at 19:20 on 14 Nov 2014

Great fun!

It was interesting to see some aspects of profiling/finding slow stuff, but I feel you could have covered many more subjects, or you could have explored a few subjects a bit more to give us some deeper understanding of things.

Fun presentation and well working live examples. I wanted more of how you can work with the Symfony profiler but as an introduction it was very good.

Fun, great examples and simple. Sometimes a bit too simple, would've liked to see more of what the profiler is capable of

Good presentation, it really illustrated how easy it can be to deal with performance issues however I would have liked to see more advanced examples or reasoning about more advanced performace issues.

Anonymous at 15:42 on 15 Nov 2014

The main focus being profiling makes this a too narrow topic i think. I understand that giving performance advice in general is hard, but the amount of advice compared to information about profiling could have been better.

Good presentation, I learned couple of things. Could have been more real world examples instead of just "sleep", maybe some more common pitfalls.