Malicious cryptography in Symfony apps


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Interesting talk of what you can do with php. Good presentation and impressed of the working live example :-)

Anonymous at 19:06 on 14 Nov 2014

Definitely learned alot about viruses and crypting!

It takes some courage to talk about this kind of highly technical subjects. You did a good job, making it very practical and entertaining.

Carl Vuorinen at 11:19 on 15 Nov 2014

Very interesting topic and well presented. Made me think about the security of my applications more. Really liked the live example, good job.

The presentation was really good and I really enjoyed the subject. Got a lot of "Aha"s during the presentation with was really nice.

Interesting and a lot of fun! Broadened my horizons of what is possible with PHP and how viruses work

Anonymous at 15:45 on 15 Nov 2014

The talk was a bit different from the others, I really enjoyed it!