Tackling technical debt - breathe new life into a legacy project with Symfony2


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Will definitely go back and look at your slides when I'm about to refactor an old CI project. I think you mentioned many of common obstacles one can bump into.

Anonymous at 17:55 on 14 Nov 2014

Anonymous at 17:55 on 14 Nov 2014

I think that talks should give you more than you can get by just reading a book or a blog post, and this talk did it: real world experience dealing with technical debt and legacy applications with lots of tips. Excellent!

Anonymous at 19:01 on 14 Nov 2014

Good flow! Simple steps To achieve a hard task

Anonymous at 20:53 on 14 Nov 2014

With this presentation you give me really nice idea how I can deal with old legacy code in the company. Thansk!

I liked this talk very much. It contained lots of practical advice. You made the advice more real by taking into account that every legacy application has different characteristics. Each may require a different approach, and so you provided useful list of alternative strategies. Also, nice slideshow template :)

Great presentation. I really liked that it was based on a real-world project where Carl was involved.

Anonymous at 13:06 on 15 Nov 2014

It was a good presentation with good tips and a nice perspective. I would have liked to hear a little more about performance and pros and cons with going with this kind of solution.

Awesome walkthrough of a case from the real world. The code and demo parts lacked some smoothness though.

Solid presentation and slideshow. You presented some really interesting pointers when tackling a common problem which rarely gets the attention it deserves.

Anonymous at 15:37 on 15 Nov 2014

Good talk with a wide variety of tips for the problems you might encounter when refactoring into Symfony 2.

Anonymous at 11:56 on 9 Jan 2015

any video of the talk available?

The talk was recorded, but the video has not been published yet. The organizers have said that they will publish the videos as soon as they have had time to edit them.

Anonymous at 13:14 on 21 Jan 2015

hope they get to it soon, it has been a couple of months already :) and this was the talk i was most interessted in :)