OggBox open hardware media player


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Interesting talk about the hardware and reasons for building it.

This was really interesting.

Nathan gave a very informative talk on his private project, and discussed the future possibilities if taken forward commercially. Nathan is a true hacker of our time :)

This talk was on my 'must see' list. To be honest, the subject matter was a little over my head, I'm not a hardware guy, but Nathan presented in such a manner that it was easily understandable and very enjoyable. I came away from the talk with a feeling of awe and a desire to learn more about hardware hacking. Excellent.

I'm no hardware guy, but I can see the level of enthusiasm that Nathan has for his topic - For me I was thinking about the possibilities of using it for interviews, it being one of the few audio devices that have input and output. I'd be really interested in buying one if the price were right...

I should add... the part of the talk about the specific specs and chips in use was a little too dry for me, but the rest of the talk was really useful - perhaps a little more detail on Open Hardware accreditation might have been interesting? Very interested in the details about the PCB creation software that Nathan has been using.