The 4th annual OggCamp Raffle-cast Extravaganza


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Its always funny watching @popey run around a big lecture theatre up and down the stairs to deliver prizes.

The Nexus 7 tablet grand prize took an unexpected turn when the winner donated it to the presenters for them to auction off for Oggcamp Funds. It made us feel in awe of the few (then down to 2) people who pushed the price well past its normal retail price and on to £280 (it was a 16Gb model).

It was nice to see the portraits that had been taken during the event by Tony and a small team - including a girl I can't remember the name of (might have been Ade's partner? - up on the main stage's screen during this.

I also won an Ubuntu t-shirt (if slightly expensive for how many tickets I bought, and in Large rather than my Medium size) so that pushes my rating to 5 :)

I won the Ubuntu laptop bag. It's great.

One of the expected delights of the annual OggCamp event - the grand raffle (or should we call it Popey, the Running Man!). This year we had added excitement in a live auction of a Nexus 7, after the winner of it on the raffle donated it back into the prize fund and asked for it to be auctioned off. This created a lovely atmosphere with lots of audience participation, even for those of us who didn't do any bidding! It was a great end to the event, and everyone left on a high.

What she ^ said! :)

Anonymous at 22:05 on 23 Aug 2012

Won the Open Labs laptop bag. Loved seeing Popey running up and down the stairs, and loved that halfway up the stairs to giving me my bag he said "This job is shit". Loved the auction too, really added something to the atmosphere.