Git Basics


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This was my favourite talk of the event - partly because I needed to learn this. I came away with a lot of information and a real desire to learn more. I'm signing up for my github account tonight! Thank you so much for putting this on at such short notice. John, Mark, Lorna, you are stars and I am very grateful!

Really great, especially on such short notice. Lorna is a brilliant teacher!

Enjoyed this. Jon needs to learn timekeeping though :)

I enjoyed this talk, as I've just started using Git. I will have a look at the presentation slides and will try 'Forking' and 'Merging' the Master Branch. Excellent.

Brilliant talk, even though it was such short notice.
Now I can actually use Git on a fairly basic level, which is a lot nicer than searching for the commands all the time :p

Very glad Jon was happy to pull together a proper talk session with Lorna and Mark's help; all came out of Tobias' OS-education talk, admittance of not knowing enough about Git and Github (from several of us); and my/Jon's chat from Saturday night that he'd help me out a bit. Love it when things just almost-magically happen (acknowledging their hard work here) and work out like that, and Jon found a spare short slot before Rafflecast for it.

I'm sure I learnt a lot more from the combination of talkers than I would just asking Jon/Lorna to assist my specific barriers-to-entry for git/github pull-requests and conflict-merging.

Jon just launched straight into explaining his workflow, then Mark talked about his and slightly more of an overview/why level, then Lorna the consummate pro at talks like this flew at breakneck speed through an existing (not hers I think) talk and demo'd stuff as she went in the terminal.

Wow! Oggcamp rocks!

I think I needed some of Lorna's overview to be ready to hear Jon's part, more about preparing my mind for the more technical bits and to get into context (it can be slow to catch up with the depth-focus like that sometimes). But it was all organised at such short notice and with no practice-run, only the barest of top-level plans, and it covered everything in at least overview/first-example form that could be needed, that I have to say bloody well done all of you!

Minor note to Caddi: its Jon not John btw