Our experience in deploying RDG


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Mike Beardmore (Speaker) at 12:11 on 18 Aug 2018

Thank you for coming. Follow me @mikethebee Twitter. Sign up with your local community. www.thethingsnetwork.org it's free and will boost the spread of this open and free network for IoT devices.
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Richard Eaton at 10:46 on 19 Aug 2018

Gave a high level overview. The nitty gritty of how to start would have been nice.

Mike Beardmore (Speaker) at 20:31 on 20 Aug 2018

A note for Richard: thank you for your comment and it is really helpful. On Sat. I did the first part of my presentation and on Sunday I went more into the tech side, as i had run into my 25 mins limit far too quickly on Sat. I will try and put up links to the real tech stuff for everyone to review. - thx Mike