I started out as a total noob using Ubuntu, copying and pasting from stack overflow in wild abandon to install whatever I needed without a care in the world. A few chmod 777s later - I actually learnt what that does (spoilers - it’s not always the answer) and decided I should maybe learn how my OS works.

In this talk, I’ll be explaining how Linux works and sharing my story as a beginner.

This talk is for you if you’re a beginner/hobbyist/Linux-lite user and looking to feel less alone in the world.


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Jon Spriggs at 14:24 on 19 Oct 2019

Phenomenal talk. If you want someone to talk to new users about starting with Ubuntu, get Anna to your event! Best talk for me so far!

Terence Eden at 14:37 on 19 Oct 2019

Taught me a bunch of stuff I really should have known.

Tim Gibbon at 16:09 on 19 Oct 2019

Brilliant breakdown of what makes a distro and a great description of the Linux filesystem.

Really Good talk, Well Done

Jane Trimmer at 13:17 on 20 Oct 2019

Great talk!