Caching on the Bleeding Edge


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Where are the slides!!!

Brian Wisti at 07:15 on 15 Jul 2016

* So much information!
* Useful explanation of historical and practical context
* Demonstrative images of caching at work
* Highlighting useful tools for Web caching
* Simple enough words that I understood most of it!

Distracted by
* code samples were washed out by room lighting, so couldn't read them (but code was walked through, so it wasn't a major issue)

Gwen Knight at 22:05 on 15 Jul 2016

Was all new to me. She said to tweet her for the slides @ieatkillerbees

Gwen Knight at 08:19 on 17 Jul 2016

Thanks for the download on Caching on the Bleeding Edge. Where is the location of the slides?