Javascript for Devs of the Old Code


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Eric Wagoner at 15:39 on 14 Jul 2016

Just fantastic.

Steve Nay at 15:55 on 14 Jul 2016

Witty, sarcastic, and informative. Lots of fun to listen to.

Rusty Keele at 12:28 on 15 Jul 2016

A very good fun and practical talk! The humor was great, as was hearing about all the "hot topics" in JS right now. It is refreshing to hear someone who doesn't automatically buy into all the JS hype, but practically evaluates it and calls a spade a spade - thanks!

Shaun Hustad at 14:36 on 15 Jul 2016

Presenter was very knowledgeable, confident without being arrogant. He was good at making his comments funny and relatable. The main point of the discussion was a bit vague though, there was a tenancy to ramble and get off topic, or not have a clear topic. His great speaking style did much to make up for these drawbacks.

Well presented survey of important topics targeting people like me who have previously used Javascript in a more limited context and need to come up to speed with contemporary use of Javascript as a tool that is core to web-development rather than a supporting cast member.