Modern Perl for the Unfrozen Paleolithic Perl Programmer


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I'm your prime target audience. I started programming perl in 2000. The company I worked for used NO lexical variables in their perl scripts (no OO or encapsulation at all--any variables might be global.) I quit that company in 2005 to program in Java, C, C++ and old Perl. Last year I realized my perl skills were frozen. Thanks for the presentation.

Where are your slides?

Brian Wisti at 07:27 on 15 Jul 2016

* Perfect pacing
* Didn't get buried in details (Ex: Highlighted Moo/Moose, but explicitly avoided code for that)
* As a non-Paleolithic Perl dev: I've seen a shorter version of the talk online and *still* I learned something new
* Took questions during talk, but kept them from becoming long digressions.

Didn't notice anything that needed improvement or distracted from this talk, but I'm not 100% target audience. Still - great talk!

Andrew Nelson at 08:56 on 15 Jul 2016

I'm very much *not* the target audience, and I still managed to learn a couple of things.

Only nitpick: talk about Pinto! Pinto is an excellent way to give change-averse organizations a "safe" CPAN to get their feet wet with.