Want to take your speaking skills up a level?

You have mastered your technical expertise, but now can you inspire and convince others to follow your lead?
Whether presenting at a conference, pitching a business idea, or in the spotlight at a management meeting, even brilliant technologists need to learn how to become polished presenters. Your stellar ideas will not find a sympathetic ear without clear and effective communication.

Presentation Style:
* The critical content to include in the first 30 seconds. Connect or die!
* Find your story - Even highly technical presentations benefit from having an emotional bridge to the audience.
* Start with Why - Simon Sinek's advice on how to bypass filters in our listeners' brains.
* Tricks of the masters to attain and keep perceived eye contact with your entire audience.
* Owning the stage - when and how to move or pause to enhance impact.
* Being Interactive - methods for continual audience engagement - how to keep eyes off of eyephones.

Presentation Tools:
* The anatomy of an ideal presentation slide. "Tell don't show" v. "Show don't tell."
* Important reasons NOT to use a multi-slide presentation.
* Using screen content to subtly enhance your brand.

This session will explore ten time-tested and easy to learn techniques of the pros for improving your effectiveness the next time you have to speak on your feet. [321]


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Matt Banz at 00:14 on 15 Jul 2017

Phenomenal! This may have been my favorite talk from the entire conference! Who would have thought that I would go to a developer conference and learn about becoming a better public speaker!

Tyler Henkel at 01:54 on 15 Jul 2017

One of my favorite talks of the conference this year.

John Anderson at 16:57 on 15 Jul 2017

Filled with pseudo-scientific malarky (the position you stand on the stage influences which brain hemisphere people process you with?! Pish and tosh.) and advice that *might* be appropriate for a sales presentation but that really wouldn't work in conference talks.