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Got the Certificate of attendance by post, Thanks to the organizing committee.

Oops didn't login before posting the list of missing presentations. So this post is to let people know it was I who posted the list of missing presentations.

Anonymous at 11:54 on 4 Oct 2010

Only a few presentations have been uploaded. What about the rest? Some conspicuous by their absence are

1. Building Powerful search in Drupal - Prajwala Manchiakatla
2. Typical architectures to scale large Drupal implementations - Denis Lafont
3. Quality assurance in PHP projects - Markus Franz
4. What's new in Drupal Theming - Marek Sotak
5. Hadoop, HBase & Hive at Facebook - Jonathan Gray
6. MySQL High availability tutorial - Sonali Minocha
7. Bringing operational maturity to business critical PHP applications - Siddhartha Agarwal
8. Drupal Theming - Marek Sotak
9. Best practices for opensource web application development - Jordyn Buchanan
10. Subversion 1.7 and the future of features - Senthil Kumaran
11. Building applications with Zend framework - Kevin Schroedar
12. HTML5:State of the art - Jason Levitt
13. Emerging Technologies for Analytics for Large Data Volumes - Roger Burkhardt
14. MySQL performance Tuning: Top 10 tips - Sonali Minocha
15. Getting ready to shift to the cloud - Siddhartha Agarwal
Can the organisers put this up soon.

Thanks to organizing committee & Speakers. All the sessions for gold are very useful[http://registration.osidays.com/[email protected]] especially by Dave Hall, Marek Sotak, Prajwala's Search and Sonali are very useful.
One Issue Till now i and few didn't get the Certificate of attendance. I have no idea how they lost my name in the list, Organizers said that they will send by post. So waiting..... :)

I and some of my friends attended. It was very good and informative.

Thank you Organizing Committee
Rahul Chopra,Lavanya Rastogi,Vineet Agrawal,Dr. Saragur Srinidhi and Manoj Rastogi.
for Organizing This kind of Events.

the conference was perfect and very well organized. most of the sessions for the gold are useful. except tat i wanted to suggest rather advise on giving the sessions to lesser experience guys. for ex. the session on Javascript & CSS who had really lesser exp and it didnt go well. since most of them moved on their sessions. pls do take care in having the schedule.

It was a really good conference. Thanks to all of the folks who organized this conference very well. Also thanks to speakers.