An Introduction to Containers and Docker for PHP Developers


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Anonymous at 12:00 on 12 Sep 2015

Really interesting stuff!

Very interesting talk. Robert has a great speaking voice and manner, the kind of guy you want teaching the team. Or the conference session, in this case. I loved that he spent most of the time on the command line, narrating. Like a tutorial video, but with the in-person conference advantage that we could ask questions as it happens. My only complaint is that Robert spent a little too much time explaining how he was doing things "not the regular way." That said, it was minimal, and this talk was top-notch.

Anonymous at 17:24 on 12 Sep 2015

Started with good definations and demoed with just enough details.

This was a great talk. I won't lie, I got a little lost in the middle, but overall, I came out of it with a real sense of excitement about the versatility offered to me by the use of Docker, and that makes it 100% worth it.

I'm just getting started using Docker in a side project with some friends, so Robert's presentation was extremely helpful in pointing out some of the things I need to know. Something I especially liked about this talk was his speaking style - it felt more in line with a college lecture/instructional tutorial than a conference presentation, and I thought that was a great thing. As someone who does a lot of work with WordPress, I appreciated that it was his application of choice for the demo, as it gave me some ideas about how I could use this in my own workflow. Robert was also very eager to answer questions after the talk, which I appreciated.

Thank you!

Helped me to finally start understanding some scenarios where docker would be more useful than just using a virtual machine. I would have liked to see more coverage of what deploying to production would look like.