Clean Application Development


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Anonymous at 12:09 on 10 Sep 2015

Great job! I'm learning PHP and this helped me understand the big picture.

I love to hear that somebody has more passion for refactoring code than I. :p

What a fantastic talk to start off PNWPHP 2015. I consider myself a pretty OK PHP coder, but I suffer from a lot of the weaknesses that Adam discusses in his talk, and having him lay out the reasons why these weaknesses are, well, weaknesses in a clear concise manner has really helped me resolve to get myself up to snuff as I move into the future, plus, I learned about some great resources I'd never even heard of.

Regardless of your skill level, I have no doubt you'll get something out of this talk. Well worth your time.

Fantastic talk that I want to share with my entire office!

An excellent workshop. I try not to give out "5/5" ratings too easily, but this was a solid presentation for a surprisingly "soft" topic.

Excellent workshop!

Anonymous at 13:43 on 11 Sep 2015

Good talk, but wished it was more "workshop" like. It's hard to keep people fully engaged for 3 hours without them doing anything.

Great presentation! I like the initial focus on strong project management fundamentals as being a critical contributor to strong code quality, and the refactoring and code smell discussions really whet my appetite to go into more depth on those subjects.

Very useful talk to hear; being reminded that developers should be able to "say no" and "defend the code" were very valuable. Can't wait to hear your talk on refactoring, and to learn more at ZendCon.

Anonymous at 16:13 on 11 Sep 2015

The content of the presentation was good and valuable. However, I was expecting a workshop not a presentation.

Really informative, detailed talk that nonetheless managed to cover a lot of bases and provide a fantastic high-level picture. Not exactly a workshop....but maybe it's not Adam's fault that it was labelled as such? Ergo, take that -1 start with a grain of salt. :)

I really enjoyed Adam's speaking style, he has great energy. The workshop covered many topics that can help any developer get to the next level.

Pretty dense presentation, but Adam manage to make it enjoyable.
I'd suggest more code examples, they'd help a lot newbies like me :)

I was expecting a workshop too and not a presentation.
By the way, maybe it would be interesting to create a workshop out of this presentation: examples and practice could actually be very instructive, particularly for non-expert programmers (which actually need this concepts the most). Without practical examples or previous bad practice experience it is difficult to fully understand the benefit of some good practices.