Foundations of Zend Framework 2


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Anonymous at 09:06 on 12 Sep 2015

Great overview for starting out in ZF2! As a newbie I would prefer less about configuration and more information about how ZF2 works, especially the Service Manager and Event Manager. The configuration is pretty straightforward but the Service/Event Manager is very hard to grok.

Good talk, I would have liked an objective (objective as possible) comparison to a couple other full frameworks, Yii, Symphony, Laravel, etc as the conclusion to this talk. The setup and structure between this and the other frameworks is strikingly similar and knowing the differences might be the interesting part.

I felt like for this talk Adam optimized for completeness rather than impact on this one. There were some stretches that could have been skipped, because in 50 minutes there isn't time to cover all configuration options. I would have rather seen some more demo, less thorough touching on all configuration options. (This is one of the costs of config over convention after all -- so many options!). All this said, I do feel like I have a better handle on ZF2 now, and may even try it as a basis for a future project partly as a result of this talk.

This is one of three talks I saw Adam give at PNWPHP, and it was interesting, but I definitely felt less engaged during this talk over his other two. I have a rough idea of how ZF2 works, absolutely, but I'm not sure I'm rushing out to build a project with it anytime soon. If ZF2 is a thing you're moving towards, (or possibly even ZF3), this will be worth your while, as all of Adam's talks are.