Hello, PSR-7


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Anonymous at 17:36 on 12 Sep 2015

Covered all of the info, very informative

Anonymous at 22:49 on 12 Sep 2015

Good in-depth discussion. Loved the examples.

Excellent talk on what could've been an extremely dull topic. But Beau made it both relevant and interesting. I look forward to when PSR-7 is the norm the way that PSR-4 autoloading is becoming the norm now.

I thought this was far more than a talk about PSR-7, it was also a great presentation about the process of PHP-FIG and software standards in general. Beau provided a history of PSR-7, talked about the problem it is intended to solve, compared implementations by different frameworks and highlighted overlapping similarities, and even lightly touched upon some of the personal struggles present within the dev community when trying to get something like this implemented. All those details together helped make this a wonderful talk, and I'm glad I was able to see it.