How I Used Symfony to Create an MMORPG


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This is one of the presentations I was most eager to hear and was very pleased to be able to attend (sadly, it was only virtually due to an injury). None the less, I found Margaret Staples presentation style approachable and engaging and highly informative. She is well versed on her subject matter and a good command of how to present the material. I took a lot away from her presentation and hope one day to have the chance to buy her a beer (Beer her i believe folks call it/use to call it).

Awesome presentation! I especially loved the story of your first encounter with the PHP community.

You talked a bit fast, but your annunciation was great so I was able to understand everything you said.

Anonymous at 11:55 on 12 Sep 2015

Totally enjoyed it. Loved the fast talking, the passion, so informative, from start to end, great to hear about all the decisions. Great job! Thanks for doing the talk :)

Favorite talk of PNWPHP. A rapid-fire, detailed, and clear-spoken presentation of information about the full development process, with plentiful anecdotes and asides that kept me entertained throughout. Looking forward to a link for this talk, because I already thought of specific people who would benefit from - or at least nod in agreement with - every point.

Very entertaining.

Anonymous at 15:27 on 12 Sep 2015

This is one of the talks I enjoyed the most at pnwphp. Creating games with PHP isn't something I hear people talk about often, so I was excited to listen to the technical aspects and the personal story. The cadence was also very lively and amusing.

Really well presented. I like the overall message as well as how engaging and passionate the talk was.

The one constructive feedback I would provide is to slow down a little bit. The content was well organized and flowed well, but be sure to take a breath or two every now and then to let a point sink in. This may mean to reduce the scope of the talk slightly to reduce the content, but it'll lead to a more absorbable experience.

I absolutely loved this! I think you could also easily make variations of this talk that are more technical -OR- less technical for a keynote.