Stronger Than Ever: Into the Future, Together


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Anonymous at 15:24 on 12 Sep 2015

Loved the talk Sara! It was very interesting to learn more about the past of PHP and the actual effect of HHVM.

I am just now trying to learn coding at age 50 and I (unknowingly) lived through much of the events which Sara spoke of (sharing pictures of my kitties with friend and that was largely the end of my knowledge of how the web worked and what it was good for). I very much enjoyed hearing both Sara's personal story and that of the larger story, of where we were and where we are and where she see's things possibly going. Thank you to Sara for sharing, it's very much appreciated.


Great talk. Sara is so ridiculously intelligent that her off-script parentheticals make a "prepared speech" come alive. Thanks!

Great talk! I loved the history - as one of the handful of people in the room that had worked with PHP for 15+ years, it was an awesome trip down memory lane. The look towards the future was very encouraging as well.

I'm not going to say I have worked with PHP for 15 years, but I did write some PHP 15 years ago, so I have that going for me. To hear Sara talk about the genesis of PHP as we know it today, and the growing pains it went through to get here (along with the pains it faces today), was absolutely amazing. A great educational talk without a lot of technical knowledge dumping.

Amazing how much I didn't know about the history of the programming language that I use every day. Great talk!

Really enjoyed this one. It was full of useful background and context that explained a few things I had wondered about.