Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community


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Very good presentation - a topic that I was not expecting, but very good.

Anonymous at 09:27 on 12 Sep 2015

I really enjoyed this talk and was impressed by your willingness to be so open about your own personal struggles with mental illness. It's such an important issue that isn't talked about enough and I'll definitely be thinking about this talk for a while.

I have very high respect for you talking about an issue that is still a hard one to talk about. Very informative, it gave me some things to think about in my company as lead of my team.

As a partner decision-maker at my small company, this talk helped remind/push me into doing the right thing for our employees and the company. This is indeed a devervedly famous talk.

Unfortunately, I missed the initial piece of this talk due to long runtime in another session, but what I did hear was amazing. Ed's willingness to be as frank and open about his own issues was incredible, and his passion for the well being of all of us in the community is evident. A great talk on a not so great subject.

I've heard great things about this talk, and I'm glad I've finally had the chance to see it. At some point in it, Ed poses the question, "Are there any C-level execs in the audience?". I'd love to see this presentation grow beyond the development community, because as Ed clearly demonstrates, mental health affects all of us and talking about it is considered highly taboo. He's an excellent advocate for the cause, and it would be huge to get this to an ever-larger audience.

Great job!

Thanks you Ed. This was a great talk! Please continue to help spread the word about this ever growing problem in our society. We need to get more people talking about this not just in development communities.