Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Software Developer


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Anonymous at 15:16 on 11 Sep 2015

Deffently one of my favorite talks.
Lots of great inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you

Great presentation and great information. Really made me think about my career path and what I can do to extend my knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this talk, and present it in such an entertaining way!

Anonymous at 16:29 on 11 Sep 2015

Great talk, very motivational. Thank you!

Anonymous at 09:09 on 12 Sep 2015

Honestly one of the best talks I've ever seen. I really appreciated your unique perspective and advice.

Wow, it's understandable how @coderabbi has become a PHP superstar lately. This talk spoke to me not just as a developer, but as a human being. I was actually a bit cynical and almost skipped it due to the hype I've heard from others around this talk, but honestly it deserves the hype.

Yitz, put together a video training series!

Very insightful. Yitz is a very good speaker and knows how to engage his audience in his sage like knowledge. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Anonymous at 17:28 on 12 Sep 2015

Great talk and great insifghts.

Anonymous at 00:48 on 13 Sep 2015

best talk of the conference.

Top shelf talk from a top shelf guy. An amazing talk that is as applicable to any industry as it is ours. The importance of having a good community, a good mentor, and being a good mentor are laid out crystal clear using words from the Talmud. If you can see Yitz talk, see Yitz talk. You won't be disappointed.

Loved seeing a different perspective on improving as a developer. Also, the slides and font were awesome.

When I saw this talk at Lone Star PHP, I knew I had to bring it to Seattle. Wonderfully done.