Wax On, Wax Off: Code Kata Dojo


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This workshop was worth the price of the conference. I had long shied away from code kata out of a fear of spinning my wheels without knowing what to do. This workshop was a great introduction to a practice that seems both beneficial and just a fun challenge. It ties in nicely with Adam Culp's earlier workshop, which emphasized the value of iteration in application development.

It was great to sit in on this workshop. Yitzchok is very well spoken and has a great teaching style. He educates and guides, while letting the audience try things for themselves. He was always glad to help, and clearly enjoys teaching. If you get the opportunity to see him speak, seize it.

Thank you, Yitzchok. I had fun with the kata you chose for the example, which seemed incredibly difficult at the beginning of the afternoon. It got easier and more interesting each time.