Case study: Socializing the world of travel


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Very interesting presentation on how Jeroen van Dijk and his company came up with solutions for huge problems to tackle. Good looking, clear presentation. Clear speaker an explanation.

Case studies are always interesting and the this talk was very interesting in that respect. Very interesting to see how you had the opportunity to work with newish technologies. Also interesting to see how you could apply tech solutions to match marketing questions.

The talk was well-prepared and well-paced, but you could have looked at Solr in a little more detail.

One of the best talks i've been in today. Really clear and fun.

Great talk, very clear and interesting!

Very good presentation. Very skilled presentation-style.

This was a really interesting case study with many different services combined in the most effective way.
The content was interesting and the way it was presented was good. A little bit slow paced, but i don't think that's a bad thing!

Excellent talk, very honest on both the successes and the problems. Great speaker!

Very interesting! Love to hear how other companies "tackle" projects. Compairing it with a dish adds a new dimension. Nice!
Good talk. Humorous and funny but completely serious when needed.